Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stoney Hill Cabin Chronicles

It would appear I've joined the throngs of bloggers. I've often thought about doing this, but I was very hesitant because I wasn't sure I'd be able to write anything people would want to read. Then today, after sorting through all manner of musty greeting cards, school papers, and other things I'd saved for decades, I decided to throw most of those things away and begin something new. So I thought, why not start a blog? I love to muse, write, expound, tell stories, and share thoughts and opinions. No one will ever be forced to read my ramblings or agree with my opinions, right?
I don't consider myself a radical thinker but I do have strong opinions about some things. I sometimes view things in black and white, but at other times I can sees shades of gray. One of the black/white areas for me is the thought that each individual should always do unto others as he/she would have others do unto him/her. Wouldn't this be a kinder nation....a kinder world....if each of us followed that adage?
This site will be a place for expressing my hopes and dreams, sharing thoughts, stories, ideas, recipes, and offering simple crafting ideas. If I come across some nifty websites, I'll be more than happy to share those too. I don't have any idea who might be reading this in the future, but I'll tell a little about myself. I'm Kady (that's my nickname - my given name is Karen), a 57-year-old wife, mother, grandmother (Nana), retired registered nurse, animal rescuer, and aspiring writer and lyricist. I have a deep love of faith and family and I'm passionate about expressing thoughts through writing, caring for my animals (seven cats, a dog, and one rescued baby bird), sewing, baking, and music (singing and writing lyrics) - but not necessarily always in that order.
Life is often changing and I'm not always ready to embrace the changes as they occur. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to be when I grow up, but I think I need to decide soon! In my lifetime, I've been a student, a child-care giver, registered nurse, wife, mother of one daughter, grandmother of two (a boy and a girl), volunteer/fund-raiser and fosterer for a local animal adoption agency, animal rescuer, retail shop owner, fabric crafter, vocalist (in choirs, quartets, ensembles, & local groups), craft show organizer and participant, church bazaar and craft workshop coordinator, praise team member, Siberian and Bengal tiger petter, circus ringmaster for a day, and I've baked goods to be sold at almost every sale for which I was asked to donate. (I've been told my "speciality" is chocolate chip cookies - I just know I like to bake.) When I list all those things, it seems my life has indeed included some very worthy moments. But most of the time I tend to obsess about things left undone - the closets, drawers, and other areas of my home that are in need of decluttering, the scrapbooks I intended to make but didn't, the time I wasn't able to spend with my grandkids, who are now growing up and away, the unfinished sewing projects I'd tucked away, forgotten, then later found, the animals I wasn't able to save, the stories left unwritten, and the songs left unsung.
I hope I will have time to do those things that need to be done and time leftover to do those things I have yet to discover. My constant dilemma is that I want to have an organized and peaceful home while at the same time being able to do and create new things. Other women seem to be able to do it all - or is that just a myth? Aren't there always some consequences to be paid and trade-offs to be made? Does anybody really have it all? I've lived a lot of years and I have yet to be able to succesfully "do it all". I welcome any opinions or thoughts.


Donna said...

Welcome to the blogging world! You will be surprised at the number of kind people who will come into your life now. And you will also be surprised at how you will constantly be thinking of new things to say and share with your newfound friends.

Kady said...

Thanks Donna. I really appreciate your support. I love to write and share stories so this seemed to be right down my alley. Thanks for checking out my blog.

Bona said...

Interesting to know.