Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feeling Very Humble


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but also very honored to have been nominated for a weblog award, not once, but twice. I'm such a novice at blogging that I didn't know anything about blog awards nor did I have the slightest idea how to add the award logo to my blog. But I found a way.
The first was graciously bestowed upon me by my friend across the Pond, Chrissy. She has a wonderful weblog called "The Primitive Cornish Hovel". She shares so much interesting historical information and has great insight into her family's past. Her blog site is on my list of favorites. Please visit and leave her a comment. She has been very supportive and helpful to me, not only with my blog, but also with my de-cluttering projects. Thank you Chrissy!
The second was sweetly awarded to me by a long-time cyber friend, Blondie, who also has a wonderful weblog: "Vintage Primitives". Her blog is also on my list of favorites. Blondie and I just barely missed connecting a couple years ago when she was in my area. We thought we might be able to meet at Kindred Spirits (Alice Strebel and Sally Korte's shop) but somehow wires were crossed and we missed each other by minutes. I hope to someday have another opportunity to meet her, and this time, I truly hope we'll be able to connect. Thank you for all the support and encouragement Blondie!
Now....from what I've recently learned, there are a few "rules" to follow after one receives a nomination for a weblog award. I neglected to follow through with them after Chrissy presented me with the first one, but I would like to plead innocent (or is that ignorant?). I had not previously heard of this award but I will now try to rectify that oversight by first listing the criteria by which a blog award is accepted. I did a little research and found this list:

1) Download the blog award logo to your own blog.
2) Be sure to thank the person who nominated you.
3) To your blog page, add a link to the blog of the person(s) who nominated you.
4) Nominate up to seven other blogs for the award.
5) To your blog, add a link to the blogs of the people you have nominated.


I'm a believer in "paying it forward", so I'd like to pass along the above blog award to the following:
One beautiful site is Linda's: "Primp Your Pad at Gathered Treasures". The link to her site is on my list of favorites. This gal not only is a decorating genius, she's a fantastic photographer as well. Look at her photos and become inspired, as I have. Country Living Magazine recently did a photo shoot at her home, if that tells you anything. I'm not sure when that issue will be out, but when it is, I'll sure share the information. Love your site Linda!
Another place I enjoy visiting is Tina's: "Paint In My Hair (Glue on My Fingers)". Tina is a very talented faux artist as well as being super talented at altered art and paper. Her ideas and projects find their way into many magazines and other publications - Somerset Studio and Legacy to name just two. Tina's son, Deke, recently returned from Iraq and Tina was his number one supporter throughout his tour of duty. Love your site and your work Tina!
A really fun blog to visit is Ree's: "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman". I'm drawn to this site because I sometimes daydream about being a pioneer woman myself. I know I'm too spoiled to ever be able to endure the hardships those brave, strong women did, but I like reading about the "old times" and I enjoy browsing through Ree's stories and recipes. Good job Ree!
There are many other blogs I love to visit, and all that I've listed as favorites are fun and/or educational. I can't nominate all of them, but I would if I could. Since trying to maintain my own, I haven't done as much blog-browsing as I used to do, but I'd encourage all of you to take some time and visit some of these sites. You'll be happy you did!


Donna said...

Congrats on your award! Woohoo!

Kady said...

Thank you Donna! I was very honored to have someone think my blog was worthy.....Kady