Sunday, September 7, 2008


Is there someone missing you or were you on your own?
Did someone care about you or leave you all alone?

I hope you didn’t suffer, though I dare not think of that.
You were just a little kitten, not yet a grown up cat.

You did not know of worldly things and so you had no fear
When you walked where traffic went, and maybe did not hear

The car that came around the curve and did not see you there
I doubt the driver even stopped. Perhaps he did not care.

As I came upon the road which was your final place,
It broke my heart to see you there and tears rolled down my face.

I stooped and gently picked you up and placed you in my arms.
I cried for you and told you there would be no further harm.

I brought you home and placed you underneath a backwoods tree
Where nature would embrace you and your spirit could run free.

Tribute to a silver tabby kitten found on the road today,
now safely at rest in the woods behind my home.
Kady 2008


Cindy B said...

Kady, did you write this lovely poem? It is just fantastic and says so much about the authior..a kind generous spirit.

Kady said...

Cindy, yes I did write that poem, just tonight. Found the kitten on the road today and had to do something to ease my broken heart. Thank you for your kind thoughts.....Kady

KernowWitch said...

Oh Kady, what a sad find for you but at least you have put him to rest. Poor little mite. What a beautiful poem, you are truly gifted...Hugs Chrissy x

Kady said...

Oh Chrissy, it was indeed a sad find. But my heart's ache is lessened because I know he has a quiet and respectable resting place. Thank you for your sweet words.....Kady

Donna said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Jengi said...

What lovely words. The tribute poem moved me to tears. If only every animal could be so peacefully laid to rest, this world would be a better place. It would mean that are more compassionate people out there.

Kady said...

Donna, thank you for reading my kitten tribute. I appreciate your kind words.....Kady

Kady said...

Jengi....thank you for your kind thoughts. Giving him a peaceful place to rest was the only thing I could do for him. It seemed the right thing to do.....Kady