Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our church bazaar was held last Saturday and though I no longer help organize it, I still donate handmade items and baked goods and support it in other ways. I recently wrote about my pickle predicament but what I didn't share was that after I finally disposed of those pickles and peppers, I had time to look around the fellowship hall at the tables full of treasures.
There were all sorts of baked goods, knitted and crocheted baby items, tote bags, aprons, catnip toys, seasonal decorations, and tables full of the usual Granny's Attic items - gently used toys, puzzles, kitchen gadgets, household needfuls, and books. One item that caught my eye was a large picture of an old crockery jug, a basket of rag balls, and a quilt. Its colors seemed perfect for my guest bedroom and it was even signed by the artist. The wood frame and mat were in great condition and the price was certainly right - $5.00. So I bought it, along with a few other useful things, brought it home, and hung it in the guest room over the bed. I like how it looks hanging there.


Debra said...

I can't believe you got that wonderful picture for 5.00!
What a wonderful find!

Kady said...

Wasn't that a great price? The church women tend to price things very low so they'll sell fast. People line up outside the church on bazaar day because they know they're going to find some treasures for low prices. Since everything is donated, almost everything they make is profit. It's good for the church and good for customers.....Kady