Thursday, October 2, 2008


We've been attending Granddaughter's soccer games on Saturday mornings and we're now donning sweatshirts and blankets as we watch from the sidelines. I love this cool weather! Granddaughter is often asked to fill the position of goalie and she does her job well. During the first few games, we were very proud to see her actually tackle the soccer ball as she kept it from entering her domain.
She and her teammates are learning to play as a unit and no matter who wins, though her team has done very well, the girls seem to be having a great time during the games, and that's the most important thing. Some parents and grandparents do try to coach from the sidelines once in awhile, but the girls play according to their soccer coach's instructions and give the team their best. We enjoy being spectators and though it's tempting to yell out directions, we try to keep our comments limited to those which are positive and affirming toward all players. We're savoring those early morning opportunities to support our granddaughter in her soccer endeavors.


Jeanette said...

CHEERS to your beautiful granddaughter for giving her all to her team!!! I continue to enjoy your postings. Always interesting!

Kady said...

She's so excited about getting to play soccer. The best part is that she's out there having a good time. Thank you for your sweet comments!....Kady