Thursday, November 27, 2008


We have so many things for which to be grateful and I suppose setting aside one day of the year to celebrate and give thanks is a good thing. For some, it will be the only time a prayer of thanks is offered before a meal. For others, it will be a day to eat heartily and watch football games. For many, Thanksgiving Day will simply be the last hurdle to overcome before beginning Christmas shopping. All of those things are fine, but how great would it be for all of us to act as if every day is Thanksgiving Day?
Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated as a time to gather friends and family for the sharing of home cooked meals and desserts, but it's also a time to reflect on the gift of life and all its trimmings. We had a very frightening health scare with my spouse this week. After being admitted to two different hospitals and enduring many tests, he learned it was just that - a scare - and nothing so serious it couldn't be treated at home by slight changes in diet and routine. Nothing puts a person into a more thankful mood than to think his life, or that of a loved one, might be in jeopardy - only to be told that fears are unfounded and things are going to be just fine.
My family has been very blessed and is feeling extremely grateful to our Creator, to the doctors, technicians, and other hospital staff who were knowledgeable, kind, and helpful to us throughout our ordeal. This Thanksgiving, we truly are thankful for our family and friends, for our good health, and for all that we've been given. We are more aware than ever that our very lives are precious gifts and are never to be taken for granted. We knew that of course, but the events of this week served as good reminders and unfortunately, we all need those once in awhile.
I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving and a memory-making day with your families and friends. Be grateful for every day.


Anonymous said...

I was also born in 1951 in West Virginia and grew up there.
Sue from Wooster Ohio

Kady said...

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season!....Kady

Laura said...

Thank you Kady and hope you Thanksgiving Day was great, I'm late in reading your blog, but I went to France for some days and I couldn't read you.
Laura kitten

Kady said...

Hi Laura, hope you had a great time in France. Are you getting ready for Christmas? Glad you posted.....Kady