Monday, December 8, 2008


Today, my spouse and I did a little Christmas shopping. In one shop we saw a small chest of drawers and I thought it would be a perfect fabric storage area. To my surprise, my spouse bought it for me as an early Christmas present. I spent most of the evening folding fabric and filling the drawers - my feeble attempt at organization.
I'd been looking for a small chest in which to store fabric so I could keep it close at hand when I sew. Since we don't have many guests, I've begun to use our guest room as a place to craft and read. It's much warmer in there than in my backyard cabin right now. Here's a picture of the sewing room/guest room and my new chest of drawers. Also in the picture is the dollhouse my spouse and I made for our daughter when she was about 10. My old globe is there too. It's almost 50 years old! Click onto the picture for an enlarged view.


Laura said...

Hi kady,
your chest of drawers is a perfect gift for you. I see you have so many fabrics... I'm sure you had fun filling the drawers!
Laura kitten

Kady said...

Hi Laura - I sure did have a good time filling those drawers. That was a generous gift from my spouse. He couldn't believe I filled the drawers so quickly....Kady