Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today I was wondering what I needed in order to arrange some simple, eye-catching, Christmas settings for my kitchen and livingroom. I have set out some lighted houses and I love those. They look quaint and cozy, but I almost dread getting out the rest of my decorations and all the things I usual sit around my rooms. I have so many of those things and I think I need to simplify my decorations, but what do I discard? The problem is, I like all my stuff - I'm a stuff-lover. I can't help it. Having things around makes me happy and I love anything red and/or vintage looking.
I happened to think of some old jars I have in which I store uncooked macaroni and spiral pasta. The jars have red lids, that go with my kitchen, and I thought they'd look nice filled with old fashioned candies. I filled candy jars years ago when we used to host Christmas open houses. We haven't done that for a long time. While I was at the Christmas Tree Store yesterday, I bought a package of large gumdrops, a bag of cream candies, and some peppermint sticks - the kinds of candy I remember from my childhood.
When looking around the kitchen and dining area, I started seeing bits of red I could use to enhance my little candy jar arrangement. The only thing I bought new was the candy, and that was about $3.00. I had everything else on hand - and all of those things had been purchased from thrift stores at one time or another - even the jars - so the cost was was minimal.
Another thing I thought would look nice in an arrangement was an assortment of vintage-looking glass tree ornaments I had purchased at the Salvation Army thrift store a few weeks ago, for the price of $1.99. I placed them in a little round red box which had been a gift from my daughter many years ago. She may not even realize I kept it. I think some cologne had come in it. I loved the fragrance and I loved the red box. I bring it out every February for Valentine's Day. I placed some vintage accessories around the box and liked how it looked.
It's not difficult to find things around the house and re-purpose them for the holidays. I'm surely not a decorator and I don't think I have any decorating instincts. I just know I love all sorts of things, red and vintage - especially holiday stuff, and I enjoy using the little vintage things I've collected. Have fun with your decorating and use what you have on hand. You don't have to spend a bunch in order to brighten your home this season.

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