Saturday, January 3, 2009


In the weeks before Christmas I searched for a simple Bingo game for my 85-year-old mother. There were many times she had mentioned wanting one ..."so my grandkids can play Bingo when they come here". I thought that was an easy enough request but I soon learned that Bingo games are difficult to find. I have no idea why.
I spent a whole afternoon and evening in Waynesville (not that I minded going there) looking through antique and specialty shops searching for the elusive game. I thought a vintage Bingo game might be something Mom would enjoy since many of the pieces in the older sets are wooden and I thought they might remind her of simpler times. I found no Bingo games - vintage or otherwise.
I finally gave up and decided I'd continue my search after the holidays. To my great surprise, Mom gave ME a Bingo game for Christmas. I'm still scratching my head over that one. Why was she asking for one for herself if she planned to get one for me? And...why DID she get one for me? Mom has dementia, which causes her say and do some unusual things. Then she forgets what she's said or done. She probably has no recollection of asking for a Bingo game for herself. I offered to leave the game at her house so she could entertain the grandkids. I actually insisted it would be a good thing, but she didn't seem one bit concerned about having one at her home - for the grandkids.
Oh well. Spouse and I took the Bingo game to our daughter's house last night. She'd cooked a scrumptious meal for us and the whole family played Bingo afterward. I'd looked around my house and found some silly little things for prizes. I wrapped those items in leftover Christmas paper and we placed them in the middle of the table as we played. That seemed to add a little bit of excitement to the game - at least for my 9-year-old granddaughter. Actually, everybody seemed to have a good time and it was a fun family evening. I guess I'm glad Mom gave me that Bingo game.


Shellmo said...

your mom is sweet - maybe she had already purchased the gift and had been thinking really hard about giving it to you so it occupied her thoughts. My husband has a mexico bingo game which reminds me that we need to pull out more often. I like the idea of having small silly prizes!!

Kady said...

Hi Shelley - You could be right. We just never know what she's going to come up with next. LOL. you should find some silly prizes and play Bingo! we had a lot of fun.