Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is from an article in "Share" online magazine:

Humans are list-makers by nature. We make grocery lists, gift lists, lists of places to visit and things to do before we die (also known as "bucket lists"). We think it's about time we harness that natural inclination and start making Happy Life Lists (with credit to Self magazine for the idea!).
These aren't necessarily lists of all the things that make you happy right now or things for which you're grateful - though making those kinds of lists is a good thing too. This kind of list can really help you define what you want out of life—this list is the kind you make when you want to focus your priorities and bring into your life more positive energy and drive that will keep you on track toward your goals.
For instance, maybe your Happy Life List includes going back to school in order to get a better job and provide more for your kids or grandkids (or just to challenge yourself). Perhaps you just want to be healthier by quitting smoking and adding more exercise to your life. The main thing to remember here is that this list, unlike many others, is just for you. There's no pressure and no deadline to cross things off. It's a list of wishes, values, hopes and dreams. If it helps, think of it as a word-based vision board. It's all about projecting what you want and then going for it when you're ready! What's on your HAPPY LIFE LIST?
Here are some of the things on mine:
- Stay in touch with family members & friends - let them know they are loved
- Smile more often
- Enjoy music and sing more (I now have a Karaoke machine! Thanks kids!)
- Be more friendly to those around me
- Make healthy food choices and get more exercise
- Play in my backyard cabin more often
- Accept myself and others without being judgemental
- Use fabric stashes to make items to sell or donate
- Be gracious and patient (with myself and others)
- Give thanks every day
- Continue to care for animals in need
- Offer forgiveness and don't hold grudges
- Be humble, admit when I'm wrong, and ask for forgiveness
- Recognize that each day (and each breath) is a GIFT

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