Monday, February 16, 2009


I thought I was going to get through the winter without being bitten by the flu bug. I received a flu shot last fall and thought I was protected. I was wrong. I'd been very lucky until last week. I don't know from whence these flu germs came and it doesn't really matter. Germs are everywhere. I always take precautions though - I practice good handwashing technique, I use antiseptic wipes on my grocery cart and hands, and when my spouse is ill, I use separate towels and a separate bathroom. So how did I get this dastardly flu? I don't know the answer to that. I only know I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Ok, I know that almost everybody gets sick now and then, but as my family has so often reminded me, I am not a good patient when I'm ill. Some might even say I become downright mean. I'm much more comfortable being a care giver than being the one needing care. As I told my spouse yesterday, "Sometimes I long to be able to stay in bed all day, but when I'm sick and have the opportunity to do so, I realize that's not what I want at all".
My spouse was surely kept busy helping me last weekend. He met all the pets' needs (which is no easy task) and made sure I had plenty of liquids and soup. He encouraged me to get rest and made numerous trips to the grocery store for medicine and other needfuls. I'm not sure he realizes how much I appreciate his help. Thank you dear spouse.
Today I'm starting to come out of the fog just a bit. The slightest activity still makes me tired so I'm taking naps as needed. That's not such a bad thing I guess - naps without guilt - what a novel idea!


Shellmo said...

So sorry to hear you got the flu! It's terrible - I know! I have never gotten the flu shot but I think I will next year (even though there's the chance it won't work.) I ended up in the ER this year w/ it and then I got it a 2nd time if you can believe it! And I'm like you w/ the antiseptic cloths. Take good care of yourself!

Kady said...

Thank you Shelley. My goodness, you ended up in the ER? That must have been scary. Spouse had two bouts of flu too and when I didn't get it from him either time, I thought I was going to escape it. I should have known better. LOL.


Angie said...

So sorry to hear you have been sick. I've had it for two weeks and started feeling better on Sunday...when we got a snow storm and was without power for about 26 hours. This certainly didn't do a lot of good for the flu bug. Hope you are feeling better soon.