Friday, February 13, 2009


Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I've been thinking about how much fun it used to be to decorate shoeboxes in hopes that elementary classmates would drop in Valentines and maybe a treat or two. I'm not going to decorate any shoeboxes this year but I'm enjoying the memories.
I love vintage things and old Valentines are some of my favorites. I have a few Valentine postcards sent to my grandmother in the 1940's by her Canista club friends and I cherish them. This morning I was thinking about how Grandma Lulu and her friends made sure to keep in touch even when their card club ceased to be active.
Friends are the blooms of the flowers in life - send someone a Valentine greeting this year. It can be a post card, a phone call, or an e-card. Let your friends and loved ones know that you care about them. Make someone's day special.

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