Sunday, March 1, 2009


Spouse I had a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon and evening. I baked lasagna and garlic bread and made a salad, which we took to our daughter's house for family dinner. She made a scrumptious dessert - Bananas Foster. We've been holding our family dinners for probably five years now. Sometimes the dates change in order to accomodate each family's schedule, but we make sure to connect as often as possible and share what's going on in each others' lives.
Tonight our grandson wasn't present at family dinner and he was missed. He'd already left for Miami University to participate in the Southwest Ohio High School Jazz Band Festival. He plays trombone in the Jazz Band and marching band and loves making music. After dinner, we went to hear his band perform and the group was awesome.
Grandson has always seemed to like music. When he was younger and I babysat for him, we played tapes, danced, and had music on in the van whenever we were traveling to and from nursery school. At his request, we scheduled "Disco Dance Parties" and music appreciation days and we always had a good time. When Granddaughter came along, we included her in our music fests and she seemed to enjoy them as much as we did.
Now that Grandson is a young man and a freshmen in high school, he is continuing his appreciation for music and that makes my heart sing. I hope he knows how proud we all are of him and of the choices he's making in his life.


Shellmo said...

My mouth was watering reading about your meal! I love having family dinners too! Congrats on your talented grandson! My stepson is just learning the clarinet and I hope he continues in his love of music.

Kady said...

Hi Shelley - I hadn't made lasagna for a long time but I think it turned out well. Isn't time passing quickly? I also hope your stepson continues to love making music. Thanks for posting - Kady