Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is my neice and her hubby from Colorado. They, along with their brand new daughter and my neice's mom, drove 1300 miles to come and visit family on both sides. How special is that?
Last week was very busy. I'd asked my granddaughter to come and spend a couple days so we could have some time to sew, bake, and visit. She made a list of things she hoped to do while she was here and we were all set. Then I learned we'd be having out-of-state family members, along with a 3-week-old baby, coming to visit. They planned to spend about a week with us. I didn't want to cancel plans with my granddaughter since we were really looking forward to our time together, so we went ahead and did what we'd said we'd do. We didn't get to all the things on her list, but we did have fun. We'll need another overnight in order to finish some projects, but that's ok with both of us.
Granddaughter likes to sew and on her list was making something for the new baby. I happened to have a new piece of fleece and the fleece happened to be mostly pink and have butterflies all over it. That was a perfect choice for a baby coverlet since the baby's room at her home is decorated in pinks and purples and has a butterfly theme. Granddaughter sewed a hem around the fleece and did a wonderful job on it. She did all the stitching by herself. She wrapped the blanket in gift paper and presented it to the new mama for her baby. It was a hit. She was very proud of herself, as well she should be. She's growing up so fast.
Company left for home yesterday and should be arriving back in Colorado sometime tonight. It was very special to have a tiny newborn in the house. It's been a very long time since that occured around here. I think we all had a good week.

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Shellmo said...

That's so sweet your granddaughter likes to sew - she is learning from the best!! :-) Sounds like you had a lovely time w/ family!