Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm very blessed to have a cozy little cabin in my backyard but I haven't been using it as much as I once did. About two months ago I started "spring cleaning" in the cabin. I moved furniture and mopped floors, dusted, washed wall quilts, and cleaned windows. Then I had a few interruptions and I still haven't finished in there. I did finally get some new curtains made and I put them up last week. I love the mellow, slightly primitive, sort-of country look of the cabin interior, but for spring and summer, I want it to be lighter and fresher looking. There's a catch - isn't there always a catch? That is, I intend to re-decorate with what I have on hand and not buy one thing.
I "shopped" in my fabric stashes and found prints which complimented the curtains I made and today I finished sewing a slipcover for one of the nubby brown couch pillows, then I tied on a few buttons I found in an old tin. I have fabric cut for a second slipcover, but I decided to take a break. The curtain fabric has small yellow sunflowers, little black crows, and green stems on it, so I searched for those colors and found all I needed - right there in the cabin.
Another shopping excursion (in my home) turned up a yellow splatter-ware crock with a crow painted on it and several other "springy" items - a sunflower doll sitting on a wicker chair, a yellow bowl, and quite a few vintage crocheted potholder dresses I'm going to string and use for valances at the windows. I have green/white ones, yellow/white ones, and even some black/white ones. I'll take pictures of those as the re-decorating progresses.
I already have all sorts of vintage and primitive accessories I can use in the cabin, so the only thing I lack is the incentive to get out there FINISH what I started.
Maybe tomorrow....

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