Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend I began working on a table runner for my cabin. I wanted to incorporate colors that ordinarily don't go well together, in my opinion, but they're the colors in my cabin. My other goals were to:
- use only what I had on hand
- create something I'd actually use
- blend the colors into an eye-pleasing pattern
When I started planning my project, I found I had just one fairly small square of red, one long strip of green, and some odds and ends of yellow fabric, along with some black/cream homespun, and a large rectangle of sunflower/crow print - all leftovers from other projects for the cabin. I'd used most of those colors and prints for two patchwork pillow coverings and hoped to tie all the colors together in a table runner.
The photos show work in progress. I haven't yet decided what to use for the backing, but I'll think of something.

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Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a great project - and to use only what you had! Good job, Dawn