Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When I was growing up in the 50's, sock monkeys were very popular and my three siblings and I each had one. I don't know what happened to them over the years, but they disappeared and no one in my family seems to remember where they went. Maybe they were sold in a garage sale or perhaps they were given to Goodwill. I didn't think much about them until one Christmas when I wanted to make something to give my mother, whose birthday is on Christmas Day.
Mom had expressed a desire to make a sock monkey and I first thought she and I might make some together, but Mom is having difficulty with even simple sewing, so I decided to make her a sock monkey myself - the first one I ever made. My good friend, Deanna, has made them for years, but I'd been hesitant to try one. Throughout the sewing process, I was unsure about the project and thought I'd made the monkey's hiney too tall. How was I supposed to know how high to make a monkey's bum? I emailed a photo to Deanna who told me the monkey's rear looked ok to her, and after she and her spouse had a good laugh, I finished the monkey and wrapped him as a gift for my mom.
Along with the sock monkey, I gave Mom some flannel sock monkey sheets I'd found at Target under the brand name, "Nick and Nora". I dearly love following through with themes so the sheets were perfect. She seemed to like her gifts, but now I have no sock monkey. I might be trying to re-live my childhood, but I want a monkey too. I think I'm getting into the mood to make another one. This next one will be a keeper.
The history of Sock Monkey's and instructions to make them are on this site:


Marie said...

Love your sock monkey. I think we have one around here that our daughter got when she had her tonsils removed years ago. The sheets sound neat.

Kady said...

Thanks! I do wish I still had the one from my childhood days, but I can always make myself one. Mom acted like she'd found a long lost friend when she opened the sock monkey I made for her. The sheets are so fun that I got us a set too!