Saturday, July 11, 2009


Like many other families, we're doing some "belt tightening" around here, although we've watched the sale ads and clipped discount coupons for a long time. We've recycled for years and we try to follow the adage to "use it up and wear it out...", so this is not a new thing for us.
I think I had become a little bit complacent about the present economic situation, though, and hadn't watched my spending as closely as I could have. When I had gone grocery shopping, I'd chosen pretty much what I wanted and most often favored the better known brands over store labels. Sometimes I allowed coupons and discount offers to expire when I might have used them to help reduce the grocery bill. Well, I'm on a new mission starting today.
Spouse and I had a $20 cash credit for one of the local department stores and he needed a pair of swimming trunks. We traveled to the store this morning, found him some trunks, paid for them with our store credit, and then left. We didn't do any more shopping than we needed to and we stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I sorted through my envelope full of coupons as we headed to the store and pulled out the ones that would expire soon. I only chose coupons for products I knew we needed - tissue, dog and cat supplies, vitamins, cereal, laundry detergent, and a few other things.
I had an in-store offer for $5.00 off a total order of $50 so my goal was to spend no more than that. I was shocked when the clerk rang up the items and the cash register total was over $100! I'm sure I looked puzzled because the clerk reminded me I hadn't yet given her my "Kroger card" or my coupons. I handed those to her and waited for the bad news.
The news wasn't bad. With the Kroger card discounts, the clipped coupons, and the $5.00 offer, my grocery bill was reduced to a total of $57.48. Even though it was a few dollars over my goal, that was fine. I had saved nearly $50 by using coupons. It often takes a little longer to shop when I'm using them, but I think the time spent is well worth it. Spouse is always impressed with the savings and a portion of what I pay is given to my grandson's school.
I even decided to try some of the store brands today and I hope I'm not going to be disappointed - nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
If others will share similar sites, I'll add them to the text of this blog. Thanks!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

My little sister is the queen of saving money and using coupons..She is getting me doing it..I just wish I was a good as her..but I know she will help me when I need is a great site she has me go is
you then go to state forums and I go to the utah site as we have an "albertsons" here..if you do then go to the utah site..Shelly puts up the whole list of what is on sale..and you only buy the stuff that is 4-5 stars as it is the best can print up your coupons twice from each computer..we have 2 so i use the the right hand upper corner you see start shrink and print.hit start and the page goes grey..then scroll down to the things you want then hit shrink then have to go to a lot of different sites and sign up to get the coupons..but I don't get bombared and it is free coupons.. you can also buy coupons on Ebay really sister buys on line(not ebay) can't think where she does..she does rebating too and has gotten alot of money...her food storage is phenomenal...she has it down to an art..Have a wonderful weekend...:)

Kady said...

We could all take lessons from your sister! Thank you for sharing the site. I'll add that to the context of the blog if you don't mind. In these economic times, I think many of us are interested in saving money. Thank you!....Kady