Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Kelly and her kittens are doing well and I'm so grateful for that. This morning they look so peaceful and content. They're beginning to explore their surroundings., but have no idea their mama and their make-shift bed are just tiny pieces of the world. Last night one of the light tan kittens was licking his paw and I saw another kitten batting at Kelly's face. They've just started to play a tiny bit and I'm continually amazed at how these tiny beings can exhist, let alone function and interact.
Last week was very stressful and I was worried about the kittens of course, but also about my mother who suffered a stroke one week ago today. She had been in the hospital for observation for nearly a week, was released, then had the stroke two days later. I traveled to visit her the day before she fell ill and she seemed a bit weak, but otherwise ok. No one could have foretold what was to come.
Mom was hospitalized again and even though her basic stroke symptoms quickly subsided, she was left weaker than before and her doctor strongly suggested she go to be a rehabilitation facility for few weeks. After a couple setbacks, she was finally released to rehab last night. Both my sisters were there with her to get her settled in and I'm headed up there today to see what I can do to make her stay more comfortable and less traumatic. She's very upset right now and can't seem to understand why she can't be in her home, despite each of us taking turns explaining it to her. I think it's something she'll have to eventually embrace but she's not yet ready to do that.
I appreciate all of your prayers, emails, and loving thoughts. I'll be back tomorrow with more kitten tales and photos. Spouse has promised to look after the babies and check on them as often as I do. I'm going to hold him to that. In this world of doubt and uncertainty, those sweet innocent kittens are my little bit of Heaven right now.


fivef said...

You have had such a trying week, so sorry to hear of your Mother's stroke. My husband had a stroke 4 years ago at age 57, I understand your fears. You and your family are in my prayers. Linda

terriermama said...

I'm sorry to hear of your mothers health, its a very troubled time for you, but hang in there.
I see that momma and children are doing well, must be the hamburger, cottage cheese, etc...'wink'. Wish I lived near you I'd adopt one of them...probably the white one with the orange spot on its head.

pammi said...

im so sorry your having to go through this. its sad to watch our parents decline in health. i so wish it would be easier for you! just hang in there and love her while you can. its hard. hugs Pam