Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Though I've been in crisis mode lately regarding my mother's hospitalizations, complications, and recent admittance to a rehabilitation facility, there remain some bright spots in my life - those sweet kittens and their darling mama, Kelly. They are thriving in spite of (actually, I'd like to think it's because of) my obsessive hovering. The little elves have begun to bat at each other and their mama. They're unsteady and toddling, so sometimes when they take weak swings at each other, they fall over and flail about for a few seconds until they find their bearings. It's not only funny to watch, it's simply amazing that creatures as small as 12-day-old kittens can interact and play with each other. All of their eyes are open now and I notice their ears perking a bit when I talk to them, so I'm sure they can hear me. I saw one kitten react to Kelly's guttural sounds this morning and he instantly turned from his wandering and found his way back to her. I think I've finally begun to relax a little bit and truly enjoy this experience.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh this is such a wonderful stage for these kittens.this is when I would just maul them I cute...wish I could see them in person..glad you are able to enjoy these precious little beings now...I hope your mom is getting the help she needs and is on her way to a speedy recovery...:)

She Seeketh Wool and Flax said...

You have done a GREAT JOB, you should be very proud of yourself.
You deserve to relax now.
I will call you "The Cat Whisperer"
Bless you, Cheryl