Friday, July 31, 2009


The kittens reached a milestone today and had their first vet check. I'd originally made an appointment to have their eyes checked since some seemed infected, but my vet said they were old enough for their first worming too, so we did that for them as well. I hadn't remembered that the vet suggested I bring them in at two weeks for that, but everything worked out fine. The vet and her staff really loved the little munchkins and were especially taken by the little white kitten - the one that reminds me of a tiny polar bear. I love all the kittens equally, but there's just something about the smallest one that melts my heart. They were impressed that Kelly had become such a loving and attentive mother. The vet checked their weights, mouths, eyes, ears, and umbilicals (no hernias). She also affirmed that we have 4 boys and 1 girl. That's what I had decided. I was happy to know I hadn't lost my ability to tell one from the other.
The little furry ones were completely worn out after their trip to the vet and promptly curled up for a nap as soon as I got them back home. They slept a lot this evening and that gave Kelly a bit of a break. Spouse and I just finished putting in their antibiotic drops and tucking them into bed with their mama. We expect to see a rapid improvement and clearing of their eyes. The vet said they could clear up in as little as 24 hours and that eye irritations and/or infections were common in newborn kittens. She thought they might have a little bit of a virus since a couple of them had been sneezing. I'm glad I finally learned to listen to what my instincts tell me. Some call those instinctual feelings "inklings" or "God whispers", but no matter what we choose to call them, we should always listen and act accordingly.
The vet said she thought the kittens and their mama looked terrific. That was music to my crazy cat lady ears.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady, I anm so glad they got a clean bill of health and are doing well...:) I am a sucker for the "runts" too..another term you could use: mama's intuition...but I love "gods whispers"..have a wonderful weekend...My crazy cat lady friend...takes one to know one.:)