Friday, July 24, 2009


Just as I started to take a video of the babies, Kelly jumped out and away from them. I let her roam the house for while since she seemed to need a break from the little ones. Every mama needs a break now and then. Please know that I am not a good video person. I knew I had video capacity on my digital camera, but the only videos I've ever taken (before this one) were completely by accident. See the kitten that gets turned over by his brother? That one began to suck his thumb, well his toe, right after I stopped the camera. I tried to get a photo of that but the moment had passed. It was soooo sweet though.
Now that I know I can actually do this, I'll try to post more videos of Kelly and her kittens. I tried to get one of her washing them but I missed the mark. Please bear with me...

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