Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Kelly's kittens are getting cuter every day and are so much fun to watch. They're not very steady on their feet so when they swat at each other, they often lose their balance and fall. While I made one video, the little kitten with the orange face just sat and watched the others at play. I wondered what he was thinking. Later, that same kitten joined the fray.
All the kittens have tasted solid food but only one has been brave enough to try it from a dish. I've most often had to gently pry each little mouth open and insert a tiny bit of food. In another week or so they'll all be eating from dishes. I have mixed feelings about that. For the kittens, that will be a good thing - another hurdle overcome and milestone reached. For me, that will be another step closer to having to let them go.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH I just love this size of yummyness...those little short stubby legs toddling around trying to stay balanced..they are so precious and I wish I could take one oh heck all of them home...they just too much and I wish I could hold one right now..course you would never get it back..;)