Sunday, August 2, 2009


The kittens are reaching that adorable, irresistable, huggable stage and they're so cute I can hardly stand it. The two that are lightest in color are delightful little balls of fluff. My vet called them sweet little butterballs. The others are every bit as cute, sweet, and irresistable, but the fluffy ones instantly draw one's attention. I don't think they have long fur - it's just fluffy.
This afternoon, I was talking to the little ones and stroking them, then started to make a kitten video. Kelly wasn't about to be left out. She had jumped out of the "nest" to eat but came back when she saw me paying attention to her babies. She wanted affection too, so I gladly petted her and held the camera at the same time. I'm still not very good at this video stuff, and today Kelly was walking back and forth in front of the warming light so you'll see changes in the sequences. She was a little restless but I didn't do any re-takes. I caught her bathing one of the kittens and thought that was an endearing scene. The kittens' eyes are all clearing up and not one was matted this morning.
Though I've been known to be absolutely militant about people getting their animals spayed and neutered (and have always had all of mine altered), this little mama cat and her kittens have brought so much joy to my life, at a time when all around me seems to be in turmoil. I can honestly say I'm glad Kelly found her way to me.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I wish I could see the video of them all playing and being loved...sweet music to my ears to heat that they are doing so well..:)