Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Lately, mama cat seems a bit bewildered when her kittens are going in all directions. She calls to them and sometimes they don't come to her right away. I suppose that's disconcerting to Kelly, but the babies are showing some signs of independence.
During the time I was making the above video, Kelly was calling to the kittens and looking around as if she didn't know how to round up her babies. She made a turn and promptly sat on the little white one. Despite his anguished cries, Kelly seemed oblivious. I abruptly stopped the video and rolled her off of him. He wasn't harmed in any way, but when I'm accused of being obsessed about the kittens, that's why I am. Kelly may certainly have gotten off her kitten on her own and he was surely letting her know he was in trouble, but would she have gotten off him as soon had I not been present? I'm glad I was there.

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