Friday, August 14, 2009


The kittens turned 4 weeks old today and were so cute this morning when I introduced them to jingle ball toys. One kitten took to them instantly and the others stood back for awhile, observing. Finally, they all began to take turns swatting at the balls and then tackling each other. I could sit and watch these babies all day long. They're such a welcome relief to all I'm dealing with in my "real" life.
I also introduced them to kitten chow this morning. I soaked it in warm water to soften it and offered each of them a tiny piece. Some seemed very interested in the new food, but a couple of them wanted nothing to do with it. Kelly loved it though. I hoped the kittens would follow her example. Maybe tomorrow....
I went into the kitten room this afternoon and could find only 3 kittens. I felt a wave of panic for a few seconds, then saw two small lumps in the fleece bedding and realized the other 2 babies had crawled under it and were sleeping. Being the worried cat mama I am, I took them out from under the fleece because I feared they might suffocate. This evening, they were back under the bedding. I guess I'll have to trust they'll be ok there.
Enjoy the videos......
P.S. That's my dog, Mandy, you hear in the background of the video. She was absolutely fine even though she sounds otherwise. We had put her in her "house" (crate/cage) while the other cats were out and playing and she was protesting.

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