Friday, August 7, 2009


I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. This CCL (crazy cat lady) was verbally accosted last night.
I was out walking and depositing some dry cat food in various places so the feral cats could find it. They're used to eating in those locations and I never go into any of my neighbors yards or on their property. I'm careful about that since I know many of my neighbors would not help a starving animal if it was dying on their doorsteps. I don't know why they feel as they do, but that's the way it is.
There's a little stray tiger striped cat I call Chester, who often accompanies me on my late night walks and I didn't see him last night, so I called softly to him. I wasn't the least bit loud. I also whistled for him a couple times. I don't know how to do those loud shrill whistles, so mine are simply a few notes that my own indoor cats even recognize and to which they respond. Chester responds to the whistle too, if he's in the area. I didn't find him last night so I walked without him.
My "rounds" were completed and I was at the very end of my street. In fact, I was walking IN the street. All that's beyond the pavement is wooded area and I don't go in there at night. I leave a little pile of cat food at the end of the street for a little black and white cat who lives in the woods. I often see him come out to eat, but he runs away if I move. I saw the porch light go on at the last house on the block. A woman appeared in the doorway and loudly, bruskly demanded to know what I was doing out there. I replied that I was taking a walk. I did not volunteer that I had fed the stray cats, and probably hers as well. She said, "I don't think so". Well, have it your way, I thought.
She obviously thought I was lying. I said, "I live just up the street and I'm walking back to my house". She didn't accept my explanation, and shouted, "I think you're looking for trouble!". I shrugged and wondered what kind of trouble I could possibly be looking for at the end of the street. If I wanted trouble, I'd go home and let all the cats and the dog out together. Now, that would be trouble.
Once more I replied that I was taking a walk and heading for home. She watched me all the way and I probably should have walked on past my house and let her wonder where I was going. I was too tired to care and simply walked up my driveway, up the stairs, and into my house. She didn't scare me one bit, and I almost hoped she had called the police. I would like to have seen an officer's face when I told him I lived there and was just feeding some stray cats. As far as I know, that is not against the law.
What puzzles me is this concerned neighbor did nothing when on Tuesday evening, a man walked his Dalmation up and down in the very same area I'd been walking. He did that three times and allowed the dog to relieve himself at the end of the street. I know this because I was sitting on my porch petting Chester at the time.
I admit it was late when I was out last night, but my street is well lit and I was only about three houses from my own. Even though this is a very nice neighborhood, not all who reside here are kind-hearted toward cats.
So I guess that should have taught me a lesson. Actually, it did. It taught me to not make any sounds when I go out to feed my strays, but will it prevent me from going on my appointed rounds? Never.


She Seeketh Wool and Flax said...

Good for you, don't let that neighbor bother you. I have nasty neighbors also, they blow their leaves in my yard every year, and believe me, I let them know. I sell real estate, and the saying is so so true "You can't pick your neighbors" Keep up the good work, those cats need you

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

don'tcha just want to go up and smack her? what a b**tch..sorry...but I think there should be a law that states you should HAVE to have your pets spade or neutered..and then she'd be a world of hurt..some people just should be allowed in the gene pool period..glad you are doing what you are doing..These little ones need our help if stupid people like your neighbor I salute you...:)