Sunday, August 16, 2009


Kelly doesn't seem to like having her kittens running all over the place. She makes the mama cat sound at them but they pay no attention whatsoever. She looks at me as if to ask what she's supposed to do with them. Everytime I go into their room, I find all five kittens in a fuzzy stack on top of the cow bed pillow. That's fine, except they didn't used to sleep that way. They have very little body mass to keep them warm and they're in a larger space when they're out of the tub, so I think that's why they huddle. This morning I placed them back into the padded tub and turned on the warming light. Kelly seemed happier to have them all in once place again. Of course, when I did that, it awakened them completely and they did a little tag team wrestling. The lighter tan one is going to be the first to climb out of there. He's at the side of the tub almost every time I go into the room. He cries until I pick him up and hold him. He's not spoiled - they ALL are.

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