Monday, August 17, 2009


The kittens are learning to climb. I have a little stand in their room on which I place the light that warms them from time to time. I keep a towel over the top of the stand and one little smarty tail latched onto the towel and climbed to the top of it last night. The others followed suit today. I placed towels around the bottom of the stand so if they slid off of it, they'd have a soft landing. What I didn't count on was the furry ones taking turns sliding into the bathtub then squealing for help at the tops of their little lungs. I was checking email a few minutes ago when I heard frantic squeals. I hurried into their room to see what was wrong. There was the tan baby, the most adventurous one, trying desperately to climb out of the tub. He was sliding back to the bottom after each try. I reached in and rescued him and he promptly shinnied up the stand again and started walking along the edge of the tub, the little daredevil. Then off he went, back into the tub. This is the most fun time for having kittens in the house. I love their antics and their fearlessness at this stage. Kelly is not having as much fun. She's having trouble keeping track of the kids.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I love the way you describe these little ones and their antics..makes me giggle..the little stinkers..glad you are there to rescue them...In more ways then one...:)