Sunday, August 30, 2009


The kittens are more active every day and that's good, but it's puzzling to their mama. I keep a small barrier outside their door so they can't wander from their playroom when that door is open. Kelly has been able to jump out and roam freely though. Until very recently, the barrier worked like a charm. Today when I went inside the room, three of the kittens immediately climbed up and over the barrier without hesitation. Kelly looked confused and began to call to them, but they scurried across the room and never looked back at her. The other two kittens stayed in their room and were in and out of the litter box, the kitty condo, and everywhere in beween. It's getting more difficult to keep track of them, unless they're crawling up my leg, which all of them do from time to time. I love every minute I spend with them, but sometimes I think about how empty that playroom will be when they're gone.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

they are becoming little independant kittehs I see...I don't know how you are going to give them away either after having them this long and the bond you have...I know I just couldn't do it...I would love to see more photos of the little escape artists and their mama...have a wonderful sunday and enjoy those babies for me..:)