Saturday, August 8, 2009


This has been is a wonderful weekend so far. Granddaughter is here with me and we've been having way too much fun. I didn't plan anything special for this visit, though we usually sew, bake, or treasure hunt. I knew she would want to spend time with the kittens and I think she has single-handedly socialized each one. She now has them crawling into her lap! They sit and stare at her and it melts her heart as much as it does mine.
Grandson and Spouse are on an organized bike ride in Amish country this weekend so they're having a good time I'm sure. They'll return tomorrow and will have just as many memories to share as we do. Besides playing with the kittens, Granddaughter and I went Letterboxing this afternoon. Here's the link which explains what that is:
The kittens are very active now and they're getting teeth. As Granddaughter can attest, their little claws are sharp as needles. Kelly seems to like having someone dote on her as well as on her kittens and Granddaughter has done a good job of that.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad to hear you both are enjoying those wee ones..they are so flipping cute at this stage and yeah those little claws are sharp...enjoy the rest of your weekend together..;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot fun, grandkids and kittens. I am in love with the little white one - looks like she may be the runt. Our newest cat was the runt, she is 2yrs old and barely 6 pounds, we still baby-talk her because she is so little. Have a great weekend, the biking even sounds like fun. April