Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today I finished composing the kitten adoption poster. Next week I'll take copies to the area vet clinics and to my own veterinarian's office. I don't know whether to hope for swift responses or not. I guess it would be best for me if the kittens were adopted quickly, but it might be best for Kelly for the adoptions to be gradual.
I definitely want the kittens to have loving forever homes. There is no way I can keep them. Believe me, I'd love to, but our inn is full. I'm not looking forward to the partings. It will be heart wrenching for me and sad for Kelly. I've been through this process many times and it never gets easier. In my heart I know someone is just waiting to love little Bailey, Kizzy, Ziggy, Rusty, and Ellie Mae. I pray they go to caring people and live full healthy lives.
Taking care of Kelly and her kittens was an awesome adventure. It was expensive and sometimes very emotional, but the journey was priceless.

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Fields of Linen & White said...

You stories about the kittens and their mama, have been a joy to read. It will be heart wrenching to watch them go, I had to do the same thing. An idea is to give a self addressed stamped envelope to the family that takes each one, so that they can mail you an update on how they are doing. I hope you find forever loving homes for the babies, also let the people who take the kittens, know that if the kittens do not work out for them, that they must return them to you, so that you can find them suitable homes, that way they will not end up abandoned.