Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's been a busy day already and it's only noon. Where do I start? I left off when I lost another kitten and now I've lost four -yes, four. I was up most of the night, and rested on the couch a few minutes at a time so I could keep watch over the three remaining kittens. I knew full well I'd need to be up and going by 6:30 this morning since I had appointments to take Kelly in to be spayed and Chester to be neutered. After we dropped them off, we drove straight to our kids' town to watch Granddaughter play soccer. Grandson's marching band is participating in a marching band competition this evening and we're hoping to attend that as well.
Spouse awakened me at 6:30 but went back to bed for a few minutes. I went in to tend the kittens and try to get ready for our day. When two of the kittens seemed weaker and wouldn't take the kitten milk, I knew what was coming next. They both were lying so still that I was sure they wouldn't last long. I called Spouse in and handed him the two babies. I'd wrapped them together in a soft towel and asked him to just hold them close to him, which he sweetly did. I went on to feed the other kitten and get him ready for travel - yes, I had to take my babies with me. I wasn't about to leave them home alone. The kitten drank some milk, squalled a bit, which I took as a good sign, and then I tended to his bathroom needs.
I'd taken Chester into the garage last night so he wouldn't be eating food after midnight and also so he'd be available when I needed to put him in a carrier for the trip to the vet. He didn't go gently into the carrier. I think he was just scared. I put Kelly into a second carrier. She protested as well. I packed both carriers into the van and made sure the rest of the tribe had food and water. I came back upstairs, gently placed the two fading kittens into the back of a very small pet carrier, warmed a bottle of kitten milk, wrapped the remaining kitten in a towel and placed him in that carrier as well. I covered the carrier with a towel and felt I'd done all I could do.
I held the kitten carrier on my lap all the way to the vet so I could keep checking on the babies. The two wrapped together were very quiet. I don't know if kittens actually slip into comas, but it seemed as if they had. They looked peaceful and that was a little bit of a relief. I was resigned to losing them, but I didn't want them to be in any discomfort or to sound as if they were. The other kitten was napping, breathing well, and seemed comfortable. I made sure all were warmly wrapped as we watched the soccer game. Once again, Granddaughter was goalie for her team. She did very well, stopped quite a few balls, and played a good game. After the game, we came home and by the time we arrived here, the two kittens had expired. I placed them with the others and shed a few more tears.
I'm feeling very shaky about the remaining kitten. I truly want him to make it but I don't know if that's a realistic outlook at this point. He took some kitten milk a few minutes ago and squirmed a bit, which is good. Right now he's napping under the heating lamp in a towel-lined box. I know he needs to rest and preserve his strength. I'll continue checking on him and if he seems to be fading, I'll hold him until the very end, but I hope the end doesn't come.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Well I just read all of your posts and cried..I am so sorry you are going through this..but I agree with you..they had human touch and love and that is what I want for all the babies is to be loved..and you certainly do..I hope this little one survives and thrives..give it a love for me and a great big hug for you and Hubby..:)