Sunday, September 6, 2009


Spouse retired for the night but I had a little mama cat and her three kittens on my mind ever since a neighbor told me the cat family was living under another neighbor's shed. I went to the grocery store and bought kitten milk for them and shared some of Kelly's kitten chow. I wanted to help this other little mama cat and had been told she was still nursing her kittens. That's not a surprise, since they'd been living under a shed and had no one looking out for them or feeding them - until now.
I woke my spouse and asked him to find a flashlight. Although I said nothing about the mama cat or kittens, he asked if I was going "cat hunting", and I confessed that I was. I guess I was being too obvious. He has learned it does no good to try to talk me out of anything pertaining to saving cats. It just won't work. Did I need more cats? NO! Did I want more cats? Absolutely not, but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't do something to help them.
So there I was tonight, trying to sneak into my neighbor's yard with a bag of kitten chow in hand, while trying to balance a container of cat milk and a number of clean, clear disposable bowls (less obvious than big bright plastic ones), with my little stray Chester following along. We weren't exactly inconspicuous.
The mama kitty was actually sitting on the sidewalk, as if waiting for us. I tried to shoo Chester away from her since I didn't want him anywhere near her or the kittens. Now that I know where they are, I might be able to help them, but I sure won't be able to do that if she becomes fearful and moves them. Chester is a very smart little guy. He stopped and stayed where I asked him to. I know some don't believe cats understand what we say to them, and perhaps that's true, but tonight, Chester did exactly as I'd asked.
I shone a beam from the flashlight under the shed and softly called, "here kitty kitty", but I didn't see or hear any kittens. Mama cat was very interested in what I was doing though, and cautiously came to within about three feet of where I stood. She didn't allow me to pet her, but after I knew she'd noticed the food, I quietly crept away. Chester was excited that we'd completed our mission and started loudly meowing and running toward me and I ushered him back across the street before we were "detected". I suppose I'm fortunate to not have awakened my mean-spirited neighbor woman. Imagine what kinds of trouble I could have found tonight!
I felt very sad I hadn't known about the other mama cat and hadn't been feeding her or nurturing her kittens while I'd been worrying over Kelly and pampering hers. Then it dawned on me I actually HAD been feeding the mama cat all along. She'd been here eating from the bowls of dry food I left out every day and night. I just didn't know she had kittens. Thank goodness I'd continued to put out food. She has come close to allowing me to pet her and once I've gained her trust, I'm sure she'll introduce me to her family.


KSedlak said...

Kady, you are a wonderful lady with a big heart. I have so much admiration for you and what you are doing for your neighborhood cats.
God Bless you and Happy Labor Day.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I am so glad that you and chester were able to feed the mama..and hopefully her babies too..That little chester is to precious...he's a great little side kick...