Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today is a new day and the sun is shining. The temperature is much cooler and the humidity has lifted. I'm starting to feel at peace about all that transpired over the last 24 hours. In my heart, I know I did all I could. I've been thinking about all the times I WAS able to save kittens. That counts for something. Not all can be saved and I realize that's part of life. I don't happen to like it, but I do have to accept it.
I'm thankful for being able to find a low-cost spay and neuter clinic that accomodated Chester and Kelly yesterday. In the midst of all the sorrow, I kept their appointment and took them to the traveling clinic and retrieved them later in the day. I had to miss my grandson's band competition in order to get them before the clinic closed, but he has a forgiving spirit. His band won a 2nd place trophy - yeah Grandson and the Marching Cougars!
Kelly and Chester are doing very well but are not quite sure what happened to them. Now there are two fewer cats able to reproduce. They're just two drops in a deep bucket, but having them altered will help this neighborhood and that's a start. I'm going to try to catch Dixie and Momcat and have them both spayed. Momcat has three kittens who are now old enough to run about on their own. We saw them in our yard a few nights ago and they ran like little rabbits when they saw us. I'm disappointed to see that Momcat is looking pregnant again. Will this never end? None of the neighbors seems willing to help me stop this cat overpopulation problem here in our neighborhood, but some feel free to criticize me for trying to do so.
Dixie has been sticking close to our house today. We saw her as we left for church this morning and she was lying in the driveway when we returned. I put some new food out a few minutes ago and she hurried to the bowl. She remains very skiddish, but seems to want to be here. I keep telling her we took care of her babies and they're safe where they are.
I don't know how much animals actually understand, but I hope Dixie is staying close because she's begun to realize no one here intends to harm her. Maybe she's beginning to trust us.

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KSedlak said...

We know that death comes with life and it is something we do have to accept even though we don't always like it. It's our destination at the end no matter how long or short our life is. I do believe we have something to look forward to on the other side.
Kady, knowing that you showed love to the babies is the greatest gift you can give, so you did your part and God did his...the babies are warm and safe and all together.