Monday, October 19, 2009


I doubt the kittens remember starting their lives in the bathtub, but they love to play in there. Tonight they were climbing on the kitty condo while I was working on a craft project, and when I looked up, they were gone. It wasn't until I heard my grouchy little Holly cat hissing and growling that I realized the boys were in the bathroom. Holly thinks that's her domain and she fiercely defends the wash basin. The kittens have learned to jump up there and Holly doesn't like that one little bit. They seem oblivious to her protests and go wherever they choose.
I went in to see what all the hissing was about and found all three kittens playing in the bathtub while Holly watched and hissed. Apparently the hissing didn't dampen the playful atmosphere and the kittens ignored the mad hisser. I grabbed the camera and caught them at play. Aren't they getting big?

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I love your did a fantastic job on those..I love their shapes and the video of the little dickens playing on the couch...did you adopt another kitty on Sunday? how did it go?