Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lately, when I've tried to capture the kittens antics on video, I've found I can't follow them quickly enough to make a decent showing. They're so quick and so active - hardly still a moment unless they're sleeping.
They play hard then tire and fall asleep where they are. Today, I was talking on the phone with my sweet cousin (hello J!) and one kitten became weary of play and fell asleep beside me. Before long, another kitten came, fell right on top of the first one and was sound asleep within seconds. Then, there came the third one, who piled on top of the other two. They slept soundly and peacefully until my cousin and I said goodbye. Had my camera been at the ready, I might have captured a very endearing scene. But alas, it was downstairs in the kitten room, waiting for some precious moments to occur there.
After the kittens awoke, I had them follow me downstairs to their room. Kelly greeted them and I thought that would be a great opportunity for some "family" shots. As my luck would have it, my batteries were low, so the video I thought I took would not download, but a few still shots did come out ok.
I hadn't noticed Elliot's eyes until I downloaded the photos. I'll have to get out the kitten eye drops again. The vet told me it wasn't uncommon for kittens to have eye matter and slight upper respiratory issues while they were little. Elliot seems perfectly healthy in every respect so I'm not going to go into alarm mode. Ziggy's eyes always look as if they might have matter in them, but it's just his coloring. Would you look at the size of those paws? These boys are going to be BIG one day.
My three little ones and their mama will go up for adoption again this Sunday. I'm happy about that and sad at the same time. Life around here won't be the same without my boys.

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