Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Click on the pictures for close-up views. Bailey's holding his teddy bear. I just noticed Elliot has a cough drop he swiped from the end table.
There's never a dull moment in this household.
Bailey just can't help himself. He LOVES the Christmas tree and the "kitty toys" we placed there just for him - at least he thinks they're kitty toys. I did put unbreakable ornaments on the tree this year with the kittens in mind and Bailey has a nightly ritual of taking them off the tree and running down the hall with them. He makes himself a little stash of ill gotten goods but then he's done. After he's in bed, I retrieve them and place them back on the tree for the next night's game.
Bailey lies under the tree, runs around it, or climbs in its branches every chance he gets. His brothers join him once in awhile and they're so much fun to watch. They seem to be a little camera shy these days, so it's now a treat to catch them doing what kittens do best.
The kittens will be back at the adoption center this weekend - Saturday Dec. 19th and Sunday, Dec. 20th. I'll be staying with them all day Saturday to answer questions and let people know all about the boys. Please wish us luck and offer a prayer or two that they find their forever families this weekend. It's getting harder and harder to take them to the center and wonder if I'll ever see them again. Thank you so much.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh the little stinkers..those photos are priceless!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing...and give them all a love for me..:)


I just discovered your site through cottons and wools--I am a cat lover--but at present do not have one--long story--and I live in a Senior housing complex and we are only allowed one pet--so have been thinking about another kittie!!!
Unfortunately it sounds like yours are too far away for me--I live in NY state near the Pa border!!
Love your stories--pictures--and yummy recipes--will be back to copy and try a couple of them!!!
Take care and Happy Holidays to you and yours and all those kitties !!! Hugs, Di

T said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice comment. I LOVE your blog. I just went back reading about your cats. I am so beside myself in tears. As you, I am a huge cat rescuer, mostly ferals, and all I can say is I am so very sorry about what happened with the poisoning. I went through the same thing a few years ago, except my neighbor poisoned them with Moth Balls. Horrific!!

I love your blog, thank you so very much for caring for the homeless ones, they deserve so much more then what they have been dealt with. They are not just cats, they are little souls, they all have a unique story to tell.

I hope you don't mind me following your blog.