Thursday, December 3, 2009


I haven't been adding kitten videos to the blog because I used up all my space on Photobucket and I'm having a difficult time deciding which videos to delete so I can post more. I need to go back through my older posts and let go of some things from last year. I tend to save everything.
Tonight Kelly's kittens saw a Christmas tree for the very first time. Elliot and Bailey ran up to it and began sniffing all around it. True to form, Ziggy was a bit reserved and stayed back from it, observing his brothers. I can no longer tell when Zig and Elliot are alarmed - we call it being bushytailed - since their beautiful tails are fluffy all the time, but I think Ziggy was a bit scared of the tree at first.
I had my camera handy but the little furries turned their heads away almost every time I tried to take their pictures. Still, you can tell from the photos how much they've grown. I can scarcely believe how big they are. I received a call tonight from a member of the Rescue Me adoption program informing me they'll be holding kitten adoptions all weekend. Yippee! Maybe we'll have some luck this time.
I'm still head-over-heels in love with these kittens but I know I can't keep them. There are more kittens in need of help and I'm resigned to letting Kelly's kittens go to loving homes. Now if we can just convince people how sweet and well-socialized they are.....

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