Saturday, January 2, 2010

I WILL . . .

I WILL . . . send Christmas cards to only my closest and dearest friends
and family members. I will donate the money I would have spent on
cards and postage to a local food bank and/or animal shelter.
From the very first year I was married, I've sent Christmas cards to neighbors, friends, family members, and Spouse's business associates. The list grew longer as the years marched on and the cost of postage grew along with it.
I've loved sending cards but often waited until the hectic last weeks of December to address them. After they were mailed, I always worried that I'd forgotten someone. Spouse and I received many cards ourselves and always looked forward to hearing from people we didn't see very often. All in all, it was a wonderful holiday tradition I thoroughly enjoyed.
This year, after cards were sent, I began thinking about what happens to those cards after the holidays. I imagine most are thrown out with the torn Christmas wrap and bows. The women at church often asked for cards to use in holiday craft projects, so most of mine were donated to them. Re-cycling is always a good thing.
My efforts to simplify Christmas preparation included paring back my card list. I did that last year, and again this year, but I still sent out many cards I knew would be discarded after the holidays. That seemed like such a waste, so I've made the decision to stop sending so many of them. I want to continue to send them to a few close friends and very special people in my life, including the two aunts and one uncle who remain in my family.
I hope people will understand I'm not excluding them from my thoughts during the holidays. I'm just trying to find ways to simplify and make better use of funds during the Christmas season. This year, the amount I would have spent on cards and postage will be donated to a local food bank, and/or animal shelter. I want to do something that will have more lasting effects. Sending greeting cards is a wonderful tradition and I don't for one moment regret sending them through the years. I've enjoyed receiving them as well, but I need to make some changes in my life. I need to simplify and want the things I choose to do to make a difference. Donating money to purchase food for needy people and animals makes sense to me. I hope it will make sense to others.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love what you wrote today, kady..I just ran out of time to do cards..and you know what it was okay..doing all those shows..etc..takes alot of our time as you well know...but I love your idea on donating the money to a great cause..have a great weekend.:>)

Orcsmom said...

Making things more simple in your life ia a great thing. In fact, it seems to be the "in" thing to do, according to the newspapers lately. It's funny, but I think these past few years, a lot more people are doing just that. I feel it is a good thing. Let's enjoy our lives instead of stressing over the simple things. Good luck!