Saturday, January 23, 2010


After a 2-week break, I took Bailey, Elliot, and Ziggy back to the adoption center and will take them again tomorrow since none was adopted today. There were 12 other cats on display needing permanent homes so I wasn't surprised my boys were still there this afternoon. I'm happy to report though, we had no stinky situations. The boys were good as gold and didn't utter a peep on the way home. They slept like babies.
Sometimes I wonder if this is all folly. I've been taking the boys to the center since they were about 10 weeks old and I was sure they'd have been adopted by now. I'm trying to not be discouraged, but it's very hard to stay upbeat and positive. The boys are growing by leaps and bounds and many people seem to only want small kittens. Bailey, Elliot, and Ziggy WERE small kittens when they were first offered for adoption. I have to believe the people who are supposed to be their forever family simply haven't arrived yet.
In retrospect, maybe I should have started them out a little earlier and perhaps someone would have chosen them, but they were so tiny and I was following the advice of my very caring veterinarian. She said she didn't think any kitten should be put up for adoption until he was at least 10 weeks of age. She thought waiting until they were 12 weeks old was even better.
I could have plastered "free kittens" posters all over town, but I was determined to NOT do that. I did put up posters, but I asked a small fee to help cover vet bills and to assure that people who might adopt them would treat them as creatures of worth. I received few calls. Working through this agency is, for me, a much better alternative and safer for the cats and kittens. Adoption papers must be signed and the agency has the right to take the animal out of the adoptive home if anything untoward should happen. Free kittens don't always have good homes or long lives. People who give them away have no idea what happens to them.
Recently I watched a PBS special on felines and learned a bit about Norwegian Forest cats. When I did a little research, I found some photos of this type of cat and was stunned to see that Elliot and Ziggy share many traits with the Norwegian Forest breed. I wonder if people would want my boys if they thought the kittens had Norwegian Forest ancestry?
Obviously it's taking longer to find responsible loving homes for my boys by doing it this way, but that's just the way it is. I love them and am doing the best I can for them, so all is not folly.

The cat in the sack is a purebred Norwegian Forest cat.
The cat in the sink is a purebred Norwegian Forest cat. The one that looks a lot like him is ZIGGY.
The sitting tan and white cat is a purebred Norwegian Forest cat. The one that looks like him and is sticking out his tongue (he said he didn't want his picture taken today) is ELLIOT.
Can you tell the difference between my kittens and the purebred ones?


Dusty Devoe said...

Your babies are beautiful. I have a Norwegian Forest cat. He is hugh. 20lbs! He is grey and white with blue eyes. He is very lovable, independent. He is a joy to have. Hope you find forever homes for yours.

Whimsey Creations said...

What beautiful cats! They all just make me want to pet them!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

they look alot like them..I thought it was just different views of you had me fooled..I love your beautiful boys..they are so cute..I can't believe that someone wouldn't want them..give them a love for me..:)

T said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for all you do.