Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This morning I happened upon a wonderful blog called The Quilting Cat, which I've added to my list of favorite places to visit (scroll down the right-hand sidebar):
The blog owner, Linda, and her faithful feline sewing companion, Piwacket, are making flannel blankets to send to the children of Haiti to aid in their recovery from the devasting effects of the recent earthquake. Linda is working with Project Linus in her city:
As I've previously shared here, my mother makes flannel lap robes -"blankies", as she calls them - for nursing home residents. I provide the flannel and she sews them. When I visit, she almost always has a bagful of finished lap robes for me to take home. I call area nursing homes and ask if I might present them to the residents. They have never been refused. In fact, staff and residents alike seemed thrilled with the gifts. I spent an afternoon last May handing out lap robes in one local facility. I took photos of the residents receiving their blankies after each had consented to be photographed. This past Christmas, I compiled a booklet from those photos and gave it to my mother so she could see the people who received her blankies.
I have some of Mom's lap robes here now. She would be happy to know I'm planning to send them to the children in Haiti. There may be many groups sending blankets but I'm going to work through the Project Linus organization. I've contacted a representative from a chapter in my area and I'll pass along information for anyone who might like to help in this effort.
I've been hoarding some flannel cat prints but I think it's time to take them out and sew them into blankets for this cause. I can't think of a better use for hoarded fabric than to make blankets for needy children.

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What a very nice idea!!