Friday, February 19, 2010


This has been a week of blessings. My neighbor, Judy, had asked me to look in on her two cats while she was out of town. She and her hubby live in a cozy rustic log home here in my neighborhood. I can't count the times I've driven past their home wishing I'd one day have a chance to see inside it. My wish was granted. I checked on her home and cats twice a day for ten days and received compensation for doing so. How wonderful was that? The funds I received for cat-sitting will be used to pay for spaying some feral kittens and one adult cat, Dixie.
Last night Spouse and I were blessed to meet with friends at a local restaurant. Before our meals came, my dear kindred cat friend, Chris, reached across the table with a closed hand and said, "Here". I asked if it was a bug she was trying to give me. There was no bug, but instead, Chris dropped a generous amount of cash into my hand. "That's to help with Dixie's spay", she said. I was shocked and tried to give it back to her but she wouldn't hear of it. I thanked her and felt very blessed to have such a friend. Chris shares my love of cats and actually has adopted a few of them that came my way. We're both crazy cat ladies and proud of it, right Chris?
What would I do without friends like these? Chris has dropped off huge bags of cat food from time to time. She and I both feed strays. What she's given has helped keep the strays fed and happy. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like Chris and Judy in it. Thank you, my friends. The cats thank you too.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

how nice of them to help you out...gotta love cat people..we are good folk...;) have a great weekend.;0


Hi Kady---God is soo good to give us a "Hand" out just when we need it--and that includes the friends who give us the hand to help!!!!
I also think you are giving me a run for my money with all the cat photos!!!!
Hugs, Di