Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I've been lacking inspiration. Usually I can pull out crafting books or magazines and become excited at new ideas, but lately nothing seems exciting or inspiring. Perhaps staring at my stacks of craft books, magazines, and patterns is causing me to be more concerned over purging them than browsing through them. I guess that could zap one's inspiration.
I truly have been purging my stashes of "creative" inspiration but still have more sources than I will likely use in my lifetime. I watched a couple episodes of "Hoarders" last night and had to to turn off one show where a well-meaning woman had not only hoarded "things", but cats. That one hit me between the eyes. I don't think I'm hoarding cats, and I take good care of the ones living here, but I have more than I desire. That's precisely why I continue to seek loving homes for some of them. See, I'm NOT a cat hoarder. Tell that to my family.
My stash of craft supplies does seem to be a little out of hand, but maybe it's all in how one looks at it. I view my stuff as treasure to be used in the future. Hmmm....I believe that's exactly what one of the hoarders said about HER things. Well, perhaps inspiration will come as I let go of some things and find homes for more of the cats. I can only hope. Maybe I need to go to my cabin and think about all this - in solitude.


Whimsey Creations said...

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and listen to your mind. Think of one thing - a color, a scent, a favorite 'thing', a saying, and then just build on it. Spring for instance - green, all colors of green cloth that I have, green wools, wool applique, appliqued table runner, spring apples....you get the picture. Before you know it you have a project.


I think sometimes we "push" ourselves into thinking that we have to be busy creating or doing something every minute--I am like this--but we really don't -- we can just sit back and let life come to us--just cuddles with the kitties for a day or two--bake something that is "smelly" like apple pie or gingerbread==or==or homemade bread (just let me know when these are to come out of the oven so I can 'pop" in for a visit!!)--maybe you need to go visiting--a friend--library--craft/quilt store!!! Mainly--just be good to yourself for a awhile--you have had some set backs with the kitties and you are emotionally tired right now--I can feel it for you--so just chill and enjoy the kitties--if nothing else--you will make them happy==and I think that will make you happy!!! Hugs, Di