Monday, March 15, 2010


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Last night while pondering other things, the fact I'd not made ornaments this month hijacked my thoughts. For two weeks I'd deliberated over what to sew but had become sidetracked and done nothing in the way of crafting. My idea was to make one dozen ornaments each month this year in preparation for fall craft shows. I finished January and February ornaments and didn't want to fall short of my goal. The criteria for this project included the following: ornaments should be fairly easy to sew, require only materials I already have on hand, and when finished, could be sold for under $5.00 each. I want to have plenty of stock for the shows because those sales will help me continue to care for needy cats without straining our household budget (too much).
I've worried about the pregnant cat roaming the neighborhood and fretted over the three kittens whose adoptions hadn't "taken", but I had forgotten about making ornaments. After I posted the Serenity Prayer, I read it three times before finally embracing the words. There are things in this life - and in my neighborhood - that I cannot control or change. Having neighbors who aren't as passionate as I am about helping strays is one of those things. Another is having no room to take in another pregnant cat. When adoptive cat parents change their minds about keeping kittens, I don't have the power to change that either. I've been so concerned about the things I cannot change that I had disregarded some things over which I do have control.
Today I'm working on ornaments. The pregnant stray is still on my mind but there is one neighbor who has built a "cat house" in his yard at the urging of his little boy. The mom in the family is allergic to cats but the dad was moved to action after hearing his son's pleas to help the outside kitties. The dad built a very sturdy shelter for whatever cats might need it. Mom cat could use that as a nesting place for her kittens. Apparently she was a good mother to her previous litter and it wasn't her fault three of them met sad fates with cars. I'm sure she'll find a safe place for her kittens to be born. I'd rather they be born inside my house, but that's not possible right now. I'll continue to watch for the cat and make sure she has food and water. That is what I can do.
Within five minutes of reading the Serenity Prayer last night, I had drawn three very simple ornament patterns. Today I cut out 36 ornaments so I'll have March, April, and May covered. It wasn't difficult to do once I finally put things into perspective. I don't like the fact I can't control the roaming cat population in my area. God knows I've tried, but I'm fully aware I can't do it alone. Perhaps it can't be done at all, at least not in the humane ways I would choose. I'll continue to do what I'm able and not let the fact there are cats I cannot save, keep me from saving those I can.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Kady you are such a wonderful person..wish there were more out there like you and me..but all you can do is your craft room by the all the kitty stuff..I have 2 of thos cat bird feeders too..:)


Oh Kady--where have I been--somehow I missed your last couple posts--sorry!!! I too wished I had an answer for you---and for me---here I sit--and dream of doing what you are doing and I don't seem to be able to rescue even one cat--even thought I have had my little cat rescue time---I miss it---I also just have to wait on the Lord to show me when and where to go to full fill this need to help kitties!!In the mean time--I quilt!!!!
Hugs, and Love--Di