Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This morning I was talking to my good friend, Deanna, who is an avid gardener. This is her time of the year. She's been planning gardens and growing seeds. Those are some of her passions. I admitted to her that although I love the thought of gardening, it's just not in me to do it. She said something about me following other passions and she's right.
I was reading an email from one of my sisters today. She mentioned how tired she was after work, but that she's never too tired to go to dance class. I'm in awe of her. She's been taking ballroom dancing lessons for a few years and has won numerous competition trophies and ribbons. She does what you see in that photo. Amazing! It's her passion.
When I think of my younger sister, I immediately think of cats. She and I are passionate about them. We love all kinds of cats. We always have and always will. We've even met and petted the big cats - Siberian tigers, white tigers, Bengal tigers, and lions. If we could have, we'd have taken them home with us. Cats are our passions.
Instead of feeling inadequate because I don't enjoy gardening or know how to ballroom dance, I'm finally embracing those things about which I AM passionate - cats, crafting, writing, and music. I think that's enough to keep me busy.
Pursue and embrace your passions. We've each been given different talents and interests. We are not all interested in planting gardens, rescuing cats, or dancing professionally. Do what you love and don't worry about the rest.



I love the picture of your cats. I love cats and dogs. I miss my four legged babies(they are in SC).I also like the..Do what you love and don't worry about the rest..a good reminder for all of us.Thank you. Love hugs and smiles.Little Sister Barbara.


this time it is Me--the real Di--not just that Little sister!!!!
I have to say I guess that my passion is Quilting--bet you already guessed that--second one would be making friends on the Internet--and third of course is my love of cats too--I will get me one of those--soon--but will wait a bit longer til I move again--then watch out!!!!!
Love that picture of them on the counter!!!
Oh--got a Lemon Poppy seed cake story for you---YEARS ago now--a girlfriend came every Friday night to play cards with me and my brother and another male friend--I did the meal==she always brought the dessert--well--she brought the lemon poppy seed cake once and boy did the "guys" give her a hard time and they weren't gonna eat something with "mouse droppings" in it---I will never forget that!!!
Now that cake is very popular!!!
Hugs, Di

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Love your blog today (and the pictures of your fur babies!). Thanks so much for your last paragraph! I was feeling a little down this morning thinking of all the things I can't do and this just put it all into perspective! Cyberhugs!, Cat Haven

rockriverstitches said...

Love, love the picture of your kitties! I am a huge cat lover too. I have 3 myself.