Friday, April 30, 2010


Last night I was scooping cat litter boxes as I do every day and night. I have three HUGE ones that are nearly as large as children's sandboxes. They're about 3' x 2' and rectangular in shape. After I'd cleaned and refreshed them, Bailey and Elliot took turns slipping, sliding, and rolling around INSIDE the cleaned boxes, to which I'd added fresh litter. They had a ball causing the litter to fly out and scatter in every direction. They played, jumped in and out, ran back and forth among the boxes, and chased each other all over the place. I had to sweep up after them but I didn't care. They had so much fun. I don't know why cats enjoy climbing into fresh litter and scootching around but mine surely do. My little feral cat, Timmy, didn't join in the fun but he didn't run away either. He sat and watched, enjoying the show.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Timmy was taking it all in and when you least expect it he will tear up those little boxes...our little Stanley Steemer when he was a wee bitty tot would hide in the litter box (it was one of those kind you roll and pull out the drawer and all the crap is in the drawer and you toss it and put it back) well he would climb in the box and hide there and wait for his siblings to use the potty and then he would swat them..he would play in his "little sand box" all day long..we would see the drawer part pushed out and know he was in it playing..He was too tiny for the box when we bought we had to put a book on the floor so he could climb in the box to use it...and well to play in it too..he is now a big handsome lanky squishy kitty..:)


I can't say mine ever really played in the clean litter---but they would be right there waiting for me to finish and then "they" just had to "use"it --right then--so I never really had a "clean" litter box!!!!
On kitty-Lucy--He (yep--a male named Lucy!!) would wet in the litter box--but would only use the bathroom sink to do the "other" job in!!! It was easy to clean up--but!!!!
Thanks for the story--needed a little chuckle this morning!!
Hugs, Di

Quilts and Cats said...

We've got you beat...we have 4 boxes! We have been known to play and leave bits of debris on the floor! It's a good thing Mommy has a sense of humor...Muffin, Jelly Bean, Dusty, Horatio and Puss.

Keri said...

Where on earth did you find litter boxes THAT big?! I have to scoop 17of them twice a day, so it has become a full time job. I wonder if it would be easier if they were larger? Hmm...that's awesome!