Friday, April 16, 2010


Maybe I can hide in this basket and forget about the bath.
That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I sat down here to blog about my quiet, but productive day and nature called so I headed to the bathroom - with three cats in tow. Around here, it's like having lots of toddlers who don't want me to be out of their sight. Blooper, Cody, and Kelly followed me into the bathroom. Blooper and Kelly climbed onto the counter waiting for me to turn on the faucet.
I finished the necessities and flushed then started to wash my hands. Apparently I didn't put down the lid fast enough because I turned to find Cody standing on the toilet seat trying to keep from falling into the water. As I was lifting him off the seat, here came Bailey, running lickity split into the bathroom. Without slowing down or attempting to brake, he tried to jump up onto the seat but misjudged his landing. I think he was startled to see Cody there ahead of him. Splat! Down he went. I immediately let go of Cody and fished Bailey out of the commode to rescue him from a baptismal immersion in toilet water. The other cats must have thought they were next in line for a dunking since they scattered in every direction, puffy tails flying.
Bailey didn't wait for me to console him, but wiggled free from my grasp and ran down the hallway. I found him sitting at the top of stairs licking his paws and hind quarters. I grabbed a cat towel - one of the older ones designated for just such occasions - and wrapped Bailey in it. I took him to the bathroom for a quick wash but he wasn't too thrilled about that. He's fine now, if a bit wary of the dreaded water hole that almost consumed him, but no worse for the wear.
There's never a dull minute around here.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady you should write a have a gift with words..I must say you made me laugh with the baptismal immersion...I could totally picture this in my mind..have a great weekend.:)


oh HOW funny--when there is more than one cat in a house--yes there is never a dull moment--sometimes you don't even need any cats--just little sister!!!!
Thanks for starting my computer time off with a smile and chuckle and a clean cat!!!
Hugs, Di