Friday, May 7, 2010


This is the gift basket I put together for my mom. She'll love all the snacks.

Tonight I baked Walnut Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter cookies for Mom and my sisters. I tried to package them as if they came from Nana's bakery.
My daughter cooked a fantastic dinner tonight - lasagna, salad with all the trimmings, and garlic bread fresh from the oven. Her lasagna is much better than what I make so I asked her to share the recipe. She said she had no recipe, but told me how she made it. The strawberry pie I fixed for dessert was a good ending to the dinner. I came home from Daughter's house and baked two batches of cookies to take to my mother and sisters tomorrow. I'd hoped to have them done before we left for Daughter's house, but I ran out of time. I arranged Mom's gift basket tonight so I think I'm ready for Mother's Day.


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

A lovely gift - your mum is going to be so pleased. So Happy Mother's Day!

michelle said...

those look great kady!sounds like you had a grand ol time at dinner.the treats for your moms giving me a sweet tooth ,gonna have to go grab a rice crispy treat off the oldest .lol have a great weekencd again dear.god bless michelle