Monday, May 24, 2010


After I posted a photo of the cute cat print fabrics I found the other day, I offered to go back to the fabric store and secure some for a friend. I was sure about the prints and colors and didn't think it necessary to take along the fabric. It was freshly implanted in my mind - so I thought.
I arrived at the fabric store and found one print, but the other two were gone. I took the bolt to the cutting counter, inquired about the coordinating prints, and was told they'd been sold. I wasn't surprised. I asked the clerk if she'd please call and check at another store. I insisted the fabric I needed was a cat print with pink backround. She called and was put on hold for about 15 minutes, then asked if I was sure about the color. Oh yes, I was positive the background color was pink.
Maybe a few of you have gone back to look at that photo and noticed the fabric background is not pink, but green. I didn't remember it that way and continued to insist it was the print with the pink background I needed. I was told the store had one cat print left but the background was green. I thanked the clerk and decided I'd go to that store, buy a yard of the green print, and simply substitute it for the pink one I "knew" I had. That way, my friend would receive the color she wanted. So off I went to the other fabric store.
I bought the cat print fabric and was shocked to also find the chicken fabric I'd coveted from Gina's blog. I hope you don't mind Gina, but I do love that fabric. It begs to be made into an apron. I also found a couple other fabrics I "needed". I'm going to be good though and let go of some things I've had for awhile, but not used. I promised myself I'd not bring something new into the house without letting something go. I haven't been very diligent about that.
When I compared the cat print fabric to the pieces I'd previously bought, I was stunned to see both cat prints had green backgrounds. How had I remembered it differently? Next time I'll take the fabric along with me. In the end, my friend (that's you, Di) will have the fabric she wanted and once again, I've been shown how unreliable my memory is. Will I never learn?


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Like the music today -- Marc Cohen's One safe place! Sweet fabrics ... makes a wool keeper want to sew with calico!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love that rooster is definitely going to be a full size apron here..I love it..might even be a gift for Kimmy..that newest one I showed you on ebay that I won..might be curtains for my kitchen..haven't decided yet.;) but I love the vintage look about it.:)have a good one.;) pink, green..they are almost the same right?..heheheehee

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I go gaga for fabric! Not sure why..I don't sew..well, I would if I had a machine ;)Love yours!
My Mom and Grandmother always sewed. Maybe thats why I'm drawn to it.

If I don't see you soon I'll send a search party to your lower level! :)



Kady--you are a "hoot"--what can I say--you went to tooo much trouble for that fabric!!! And we really are very much alike--cause I have done the same thing myself--I did order you a piece of "chicken" fabric the other night--hope you like it when it comes in!!!!
thanks for a laugh--
Hugs, Di

Firecrackerkid said...

Oh boy, that's been happening more frequently with me to Kady. Don't feel alone:) All part of our "maturing" process. LOL